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"The best option for those who want to have a profitable business with almost zero costs!"

Since its creation, aminhafesta® has adopted a direct sales strategy, supported by a set of solutions related to the animation of events and also decoration of spaces with balloons (air and/or helium).

Due to the sustained growth and versatility of our specialized team, aminhafesta® is able to respond to a set of needs existing in some event companies. Such as spaces/Thursdays for events, Advertising, Marketing companies, companies with the same business as ours, etc. In this way, ensuring a preferential and personalized treatment with them.

aminhafesta® is increasingly committed to the growth and quality of its PartnerShips network, so if you want to belong to our world and work with us in this project, below, we indicate the necessary requirements:

  • Have a professional activity related to providing services in the area of events;

  • Strong commercial and management skills.

Our priority: provide the essential tools for the development of your skills in the area of events.

Reasons to be an aminhafesta® PartnerShip:


  • Brand with notoriety at national level;

  • Creativity, quality and excellence in its services;

  • Global and comprehensive offer of solutions for events;

  • Exclusive advantages;

  • Margins between 15% and 30% on our base table which is competitive in itself.

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