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This space represents only a part of what makes us feel stronger in this area. It is undoubtedly for the satisfaction of our customers that we work!

Event Type: Baptism (Restelo area)
Client: Sérgio Nunes Martins (Father)
Services: Inflatable and Ball Pool with Monitor

“Dear Paul,     

Use this email to thank you for your service last Saturday at my son's christening event. We were very pleased with the products ordered and the service provided by the security guard, who, whenever it rained a little, rushed to clean and leave everything ready for the children to use the appliances. In a sentence it was just total fun for the younger ones!

So, you can be sure that for future parties and events organized by me and friends (some at the christening and who were very pleased with your services) you will be contacted to ask for a quote, and whenever the financial conditions are acceptable for both parties, will certainly be the chosen ones.


Event Type: Wedding (Bucelas)
Client: Sonia (Bride)
Services: DJ, Latin Dances (Pair) and Belly Dancer

“Hello Good morning Paulo, I hope you are well!

After getting back to the normal day to day full of schedules, here I am, to thank you for the special attention you offered to my day!

It was indeed an unforgettable day full of great moments!

AV/participation, helps to mark, all our memories.

I wish you many personal and professional successes.


Event Type: Birthday
Client: Maria João Branquinho (Mother)
Services: 2 Children's Animators, Popcorn and Cotton Candy  

“Good afternoon Mr. Paulo,

Thank you for all your professionalism.

It was a memorable day and I hope to have your services again because I really loved it.

Thank you for turning Inês' day into a real dream!”

Event Type: Business
Client: Ferring (Americo Viegas, Business Unit Manager)
Services: Fake Employee

“Hello dear Paul

We really liked the animation and everything went very well. We really liked the Fake Employee as well as the performance! Congratulations!"

Event Type: Business
Client: Grupo Cofina Media (Helena Morgado, Product Manager; Marketing)
Services: Popcorn Car and Inflatable Park

“Dear Mr. Paulo Sarmento,

It was a pleasure working with you. I wish you a great year 2009 and stay in touch for future actions!


Event Type: Wedding area Costa da Caparica
Client: Luis Batista
Services: DJ, Ice Cream Car, Latin Dances and Babysitting

“Good afternoon Paul

  I hereby thank you for your fantastic contribution to an unforgettable and memorable day, which was the past 27th of June.

  I would like to thank you very much for your sympathy, availability, readiness, professionalism, smiles, words, attention, efficiency, understanding….all this contributed to making it a fantastic wedding. For that all our thanks.

I would like this thanks to reach all your staff who were working that day.”

Event Type: Business
Client: Electrolux (Angela Pereia, Fabric Care and Dish Care Portugal)
Services: “Close-Up” Magic

“Good afternoon Paul

The event went well and the “Close up comedy” service lived up to expectations, providing a moment of relaxation for the guests before dinner.

Thank you very much"

Event Type: Business
Client: Daymon Worldwide (Sónia Sá, Marketing Manager)
Services: DJ with Sound System and Karaoke

“Hello Paul,

I would like to thank you for your collaboration in this event. It all went very well!

Thank you.


Event Type: Wedding (Sintra Area)
Client: Pedro Mendonça
Services: DJ with Sound System

“Dear Paul,

I got married on the 12th of September and the animation was carried out by your company. I know that almost a month has passed, but with the honeymoon and return, time has been short.

However, I could not fail to congratulate him on the quality of the service presented. The DJ that animated our party was fantastic. Professionalism, dedication, friendliness, interaction with guests and one certainty: everyone, without exception, loved the service and I have no doubt that I will recommend it for future events.

In a country where we all criticize and are criticized, I believe that praise, when fair and sincere, should be done.

This is what I am trying to do with these short words. Not only to thank them for being part of the most important day of our lives, but also to emphasize the professionalism with which they dedicate themselves to each event.

Keep up the good work!


Best regards"

Event Type: Store Opening (Loures continent)
Client: Monceau Fleurs (Laurent d'Orey Vieira da Rocha, national responsible)
Services: Cotton Candy Cart

" Good Morning,

The intervention was impeccable (…). It was an excellent idea!

Best regards"

Event Type: Business
Client: Fidelidade Seguros (Duarte Ponces, Human Resources Department)
Services: DJ, Sound System, Karaoke, Video Projection,

 “Hello Paul,

I want to thank you once again for last night!

Everyone praised her dedication, care, friendliness and professionalism.

A big hug"

Event Type: Business
Partner Client: Lisbon Secret Point (Montes Claros, Monsanto)
Responsible for Events: Joana Lourenço da Silva
Services: Oriental Decoration with Hookahs

"Good Morning,

Thank you for your email and all the service provided at this event, it was without a doubt a success and the end customer was very satisfied with the result.

I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the good taste in the decoration, the ability to adapt according to the needs of the event and a professionalism that is unfortunately rare! I appreciate all the sympathy of your employee who was 5 stars and I assure you that we started a good relationship here  professional.


Thanks for everything once again!”

Event Type: Wedding and Christening
Client: Quitéria Rodrigues and Rui (Grooms)
Services: DJ with Sound System and BabySitting

“Mr. Paulo and Mr. Nuno,

We appreciate all your work.

Mr. Nuno did an amazing job, as we had planned, always available, collaborative and discreet when that attitude was required. And passed the right songs for all stages of the party!

The children's animator also did an excellent job, the kids loved her!!

Thank you very much to all!!!

They contributed decisively so that our wedding and our daughter's christening was beautiful!!!!

I'm sure to recommend you and also, the certainty that if we ever need to liven up a party, we'll talk to you.

We also wish everyone the best of luck!


Event Type: Opening Espaço Família
Client: Tróia Resort (Filipe Albino)
Services: DJ with Sound System, Magic Mirrors, Zumba WorkShop, Karaoke, Photography

“Good afternoon Mr. Paulo,

(…) Thanks for the suggestions for animations and equipment, it's always an asset to have alternatives.

As for the feedback on your services, we are very satisfied on our part and we hope to be able to count on your collaboration in more events and whenever the possibility arises. Sergio, Ivan, Prof. Raquel and photographer all worked very well! I hope you liked it too.

Thank you for your professionalism and dedication


Event Type: Business
Client: DHL Portugal (Elisabet Oliveira, Query Handling)
Services: Decoration with Balloons and placement of Magic Mirrors

"Good afternoon

Everything went as expected. The balloons made a party all by themselves!….

The mirrors were also a pleasant surprise for everyone who wasn't expecting it.


Event Type: Business
Partner Client: Marriot Hotel (Praia Del Rey, Óbidos)
Events Coordinator: Bianca Santos
Services: Fireworks (stuck) and “Close-Up” Magic

“Good afternoon Paul,

Everything went beautifully apart from the pyrotechnics. Thank you.

About Magia Close-up”, I quote client: ““the excellent welcome dinner (not to mention the magician who kept us entertained so well – thank you for that recommendation)”


Event Type: Business
Client: HighValue (Helder Grilo, General Manager)
Services: Saxophone (acoustic) and Arrested Fire

“Dear Paul,

I was satisfied and would recommend your company to a friend.

Thanks for everything"


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