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* All services presented are subject to schedule availability.

* The services provided on the website represent our main area of action. However, in case of need, we have other services that can meet the client's expectations.

* The reservation of each service is made on a case-by-case basis and always in accordance with the client.

* aminhafesta® reserves the right not to use the electricity supports provided by the space in question if, by any chance, this presents a security risk for customers/guests or for any equipment provided by us.

* In case of cancellation of any service by the customer, the deposit in question will not be returned. Unless, if previously agreed with aminhafesta®, this return.

* For some shows or performances, it may be necessary to have a dressing room with water, light, mirror, among other requirements defined in the award act.

* Any service provided by aminhafesta® lasting more than 3 hours, presupposes food supported by the customer or if the customer requests it, negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

* All rented equipment (eg sound, audiovisual or inflatable) is the sole responsibility of the client or partner. Breakdowns or damage caused to them imply a minimum payment of 50% of the commercial value of that equipment to aminhafesta®

* The values shown include travel within a radius of 30 km (Lisbon area).

*aminhafesta® reserves the right to change the price list without prior notice.

* When renting inflatables (with or without Monitor(s), the customer is fully responsible for the supply of energy and its respective capacity to run the same(s). part of aminhafesta® (ex: generator)

* The values shown DO NOT include VAT at the legal rate in force.

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