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DJ Paulo


Professional experience

Born in Lisbon in 1974, he is the managing partner and founder of the company “aminhafesta – solutions for your unipessoal party, Lda”.

He started at 25 years old to perform at weddings, christenings and company parties (and it's his only experience as a DJ).

Currently, when he works as a Disc Jockey, he works more at a Corporate level. Especially at dinners, company parties, openings.

In his performance he is free to perform in current styles. Like Dance Music, Funky, Disco, Deep, Electro, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Kizomba, among others…

“Like a fish in water”, DJ Paulo travels in his performances for a Pop style and for a Pop Rock (70s, 80s, 90s). Never forgetting the “Twist” and Rock N'Roll” of the 60's and 70's!

Value: From 350 to 500 euros

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